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How about lose your weight for good, AND become healthier, and postpone aging? - Treating cold feed and hands, Tiredness and inertia, constipation, Without Dieting, Exercising, and Permanent-Health-Damaging Diahrrea-Causing Laxative Herbal Teas!

Why Age +35 Overweight Seems So



"Forget about diets - even if my ultimate 'Diet'
includes nothing but water, my body can still
manage to put on some Extra weight!"
Dig The Root Cause Behind
spleens the central organs

Guru Herbalists For The Past 2,000 Years Have been Regarding Spleens As The Central, Root Organs

Like the Earth raise all lives, spleens raise vital energies to all other organs

It nourishes the whole body. Spleens are also in charge of muslces – all muscle related problem are due to weakened spleens.

The weak pumping will direclty result in the nutrients to deposit in blood circulation system, causing blocked arteries and diabetes in the long term.

Include fat forming, growing and dissolving in body. So spleens/pancreas in charge of all muscle and fat health in body.

Spleens produce and raise blood. They are the organs charging blood circulation health.

Weak spleens cannot enough nutrients to body and the body will keep sending “Hunger” singals. It aslo cause overweight buildup and blocked arteries.

Spleens Are Organs of Energies
Warm Make Them Strong
Cold Make Them Weak...

The Most Beaten Up Organs EVER:
Already Exhausted At Age +35
How Come?

What Hurt Spleens, Pancreas, Stomach & Intestines Most
Foods Cold in Nature
Foods Take Tons of Energies to Digest
All Day Long Sitting Still...

When They Slow Down
They Deposit Fat...

Fat is like ice deposited in body - even in hot sweating summer, a man's fat-concentrated belly still feels cold.

laxative damages

How Chilly Detox Laxatives Products
Actually Quench The Fire of Life:
Causing Permanent Damages to The Spleens System


Restart The Body

Achieve Sustainable Weight Reduction for +35

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