Thawfat 10-Day


Thawfat 10-Day help you to get on board with our Thawfat. You can use it to experience the initial benefits.


Thawfat 10-Day contains One 100-capsule bottle of  Thawfat. For about 10 days use.

Thawfat helps reduce fat buildup due to low metabolism for people aged +35. It helps body lose weight by boosting the functions of spleen and kidneys, and invigorating body’s energy levels. It can be used for obesity related problems.

Ingredients: Dioscorea opposita extract, cinnamon extract, fructus amomi extract, tuckahoe extract, agilawood extract, bidentate achyranthes extract and red ginseng extract.

Serving Size: 3 times per day before meals, 3 capsules per time.

Servings Per Container: 100 capsules

Store at room temperature. Protect from light and keep in a cool and dry place. Not for pregnant women and children.

Commitment: Thawfat is committed to using only top-grade organic herbal ingredients. Most herbs have been safely used in more than two thousand years of medical practices, or used in preparing foods.